Product Liability

Janssen + Maluga Legal has an ongoing successful record in product liability cases in Europe, US and Australia. We help our clients in Product liability cases including but not limited to medical products and all industrial productions.

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At Janssen + Maluga Legal we are adept at dealing with product liability claims. Australia’s product liability laws are a mixture of the common law and statute. A person who claims to be injured or has otherwise suffered loss or damage may commence an action for compensation on the following bases:

1) Common law tort of negligence;
2) Contract;
3) Breach of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL)

Liability in defective products will arise directly in respect of:

- goods which do not correspond with their description;
- goods of unacceptable quality;
- goods which do not conform to sample;
- goods unfit for a stated purpose;
- non-compliance with express warranties

Under the ACL, manufacturers will be held strictly liable directly to consumers for injury to persons or property damage suffered as a result of a defective product.

If your business manufactures, services, alters, imports, installs or even repairs products there may be a risk that if they fail to work as expected or are faulty, these products could cause injury to the customer or other users, or damage to others property.

If you are a business owner, you need to carefully assess what your business’ exposure is to product liability claims and take appropriate steps to ensure you reduce the potential risks. Taking out a suitable product liability cover with JML can be the next step in making sure your business is protected against the unexpected and covered for financial losses that can result in the event that your business is held liable.

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