Defence and Veteran Affairs

Following 70 years of established diplomatic relations between Australia and the Federal Republic of Germany, the enduring friendship between these nations has seen the time come to speak about a partnership in Defence. Looking generally at the European Union’s new orientation towards the Indo-Pacific region, and specifically at the ongoing negotiations of a Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Australia, it is evident that Germany’s implementation of the Indo-Pacific Policy Guidelines showcases putting words into action and transferring these values into regular practice.

The German and Australian Defence industries are ready to do what is necessary to reinforce their joint Defence efforts. To support the implementation of such an impressive, combined approach, JML offer their services as the ideal partner to deliver profound legal advice. As a German-Australian law firm with lawyers admitted to both jurisdictions, we have the experience to manage such cross-border matters.

JML’s interest in branching further into the market on the Australian Defence industry and Veteran affairs is based on our 27 years of legal services for German and international companies, including those related to the Defence industry and Veterans. This depth of experience was transferred in 2009 when we entered the Australian market with our JML Perth office. From a personal perspective, largely due to Dr Maluga’s role as the Honorary Consul for Germany in WA, a much closer and regular contact has been forged with individuals and corporations at all levels within the Defence industry and Veteran affairs. Witnessing the potential from joint capabilities such as in Exercise Pitch Black and Exercise Kakadu, as well as the participation of the Luftwaffe with one of their A400M in the 2023 Avalon Airshow, we decided that there is not only a market to work with but a need for specialised services.

Our strength is drawn from a combined expertise in international contract matters and successful conduct in tender projects. Dr Maluga and Prof Dr Janssen hold vast experience as Chief Executive Officers in the German stainless-steel market and a Waste-to-Energy company respectively, providing them with broader perspectives beyond a lawyer’s knowledge in identifying the specific needs and a providing the tailored advice sought by a business in the market. Concretely this means we are able to pragmatically assist with contractual law in tender processes and the establishment of businesses and networks in Australia. An understanding of both the legal and business approaches to the market allows for bilateral and multilateral projects to be our law firm’s strength.

However, we are not limited to acting in corporate capacities. Prof Dr Janssen and Dr Maluga have been working with veterans since 2000. They began at this early stage to offer services in Germany and the EU to veterans who had been affected by personal injury and issues that were, at the time, not readily identified or assisted in the existing framework. JML has a depth of experience as personal injury lawyers and is on the forefront of successful representation in Australia, the United Kingdom, USA and Germany. Such work is not only ethically part of our pro-bono program but has been a key element of providing assistance pro-bono to current and former soldiers since 2000 to open access to legal services.

An active understanding of the market has incredible importance in providing the extraordinary legal advice required in the field of the Defence industry and Veteran affairs. In recent years, the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide has shown a rising awareness within society for Defence and Veteran issues, an awareness which finds itself at a crucial crossroads. The need for international cooperation continues to grow, with Australia finding itself in a market of opportunity. Built on our vast experience from international markets, JML’s services enable individuals as well as national and international corporations in Australia to bring about the realisation of their own full potential.

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