Motorcycle Accident

If you are a motorcycle rider and have been injured in an accident, your case presents unique challenges. Why? Because there is often a public bias against the driver of a motorcycle, and it is not unusual to find witnesses who believe the rider of a motorcycle was the one at fault. Often, the facts are that the witness did not see the moment of impact and their statement is based on the sound of the motorcycle or preconceived negative stereotypes, such as excessive speeding, failing to yield or changing lanes in an unsafe manner.

In our role as your lawyer, we at Janssen + Maluga Legal consider it critical to identify and overcome these biases. Motorcycle accident injuries are often severe and not only alter a rider’s life, but may end it in a matter of seconds. This is, in part, due to the very structure of a motorcycle.

Moreover, a motorcycle rider is particularly susceptible to dangers from roadway defects and/or poorly maintained roadways, which may be caused by poor roadway maintenance and/or construction.

Your first consultation with Janssen + Maluga Legal is free of charge. We also offer a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement if our team believes that the case has a reasonable likelihood of being successful. That means that if we do not win, you will not be paying our professional fees, but you will be obligated to pay our disbursements, no matter the outcome (i.e. out of pocket expenses that Janssen + Maluga Legal pays to other people involved in your matter).

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