Personal Injury

For many years, Janssen + Maluga Legal has been among the leading law firms in representing and settling major national and international tort claims in the area of personal injuries in Australia and Germany. 

JML provides expert and professional advice if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, at work, on public or private property or as the result of a doctor’s or hospital’s negligence. We have built a global network of specialists in the area of medical and other accident-related care.

In addition to finalising the claim, the long-term consequences victims and their families face following severe accidents require coordination and organisation to fulfil all of the injured party’s needs. Janssen + Maluga Legal deliver a tailor-made concept for each individual case along with the necessary organisation. When attending to clients in such circumstances, Dr Gabriele Maluga and Prof Dr Gerhard Janssen implement a 24-hour consulting concept in Australia and overseas.

We will be glad to discuss any further details at any stage of your claim and provide you with further information at your convenience.

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